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Courtesy of Chris Monk

  Dr Christopher Monk specialises in Anglo-Saxon studies.  He taught for four years at the University of Manchester in England before embarking on a freelance career as a public cultural historian.  His recent endeavours include a heritage project with Rochester … Continue reading

Dragonbird Stops Listening


Public Domain Review’s comet series


Public Domain Review tweeted a series of depictions of comets through the centuries, including Halley’s Comet as recorded on the Bayeux Tapestry for the spring of 1066, that is well worth a look: The one seen here is from … Continue reading

From Medieval Illuminated Documents


Tweeted by TSP @morangles with these percipient words: “Monty Python [and the] Holy Grail finally vindicated Rabbit’s vicious streak confirmed! It’s a killer!” See: The Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Book): Tim: There he is. Arthur: Where? Tim: There. … Continue reading

Alexandra G. Kiely, Medieval Graffiti in English Churches

Update: We’ve just been advised by archaeologist Matthew Champion, who leads the Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey––both referred to in Alexandra Kiely’s article––that we may reproduce images produced by them, one of which is shown below, with more to follow. See … Continue reading

Beefeater (Yeoman Warder) on a Harley


In May, 2011, as one of our visits to the Tower of London was coming to an end at the close of the day, a large group of riders came rolling in on their magnificent Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They wore “1066 … Continue reading

Illuminated letter F with St Francis of Assisi


King Harold on a Harley, the 1066 H.O.G. Chapter Logo

Harold on a Harley-1

After years of researching William the Conqueror and visiting places associated with him in one way or another, I finally got to Hastings a couple of years ago. As a return visit to the Tower of London shortly afterwards was … Continue reading

Weighing the Witnesses

In an enormously entertaining essay, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING AMBIGUOUS: INNUENDO AND LEGERDEMAIN IN WILLIAM OF MALMESBURY’S GESTA REGUM AND GESTA PONTIFICUM ANGLORUM, printed in Anglo-Norman Studies XXXIII. Proceedings of The Battle Conference 2010, ed. C.P. Lewis, Paul Antony Hayward … Continue reading

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From Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts . . .


 Tweeted, September 8, 2014, by Kathleen McCallum with the comment: “Nancillus, I just don’t have the words on this one.”…   Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts, The Hague, KB, KA 16, fol. 108ra2, Nancillus.    

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