Harold on a Harley-1

After years of researching William the Conqueror and visiting places associated with him in one way or another, I finally got to Hastings a couple of years ago. As a return visit to the Tower of London shortly afterwards was coming to a close, a large group of black leather-clad bikers rode in. When I noticed that they were wearing 1066 patches, I had to ask one of their members about them. He told me that they were Harley riders from “1066 country,” meaning the area of Hastings, who called themselves the 1066 H.O.G. Chapter. One of the group, he said, had a friend among the Yeoman Warders who had helped them obtain permission to remain within the Tower after it was closed for the day. In another post is the cover picture to Issue #44 of their newsletter, featuring a sight I’m guessing the Queen has never seen: a Yeoman Warder astride a Harley. This is their logo, showing King Harold II trying to outrun a hail of arrows on a Harley, and it’s the wittiest thing I’ve ever seen.

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