170px-Odo_of_BayeuxI’ll be posting about, among others, books by scholars for scholars, which accordingly I am not qualified to critique as they might do. As an intensely interested amateur, however, I do read them and will comment from my lay perspective.
Two recent additions to my medieval bookshelf––and they are hot off the presses––are Bury St Edmunds and the Norman Conquest, ed. Tom Licence (Woodbridge, 2014) and Herman the Archdeacon and Goscelin of Saint-Bertin: The Miracles of St Edmund, ed. and trans. Tom Licence (Oxford, 2014).
Arriving only a few months earlier was David Bates, The Normans and Empire (Oxford, 2013).
Bury St Edmunds and the Norman Conquest is largely based on lectures delivered at a conference held at the cathedral in Bury St Edmunds in March, 2012. Not only was I lucky enough to be allowed to attend; the weather (this was England, remember) was glorious. The almost unimaginably huge expanse of the former Abbey of St Edmunds––the existing cathedral’s footprint looks like a corner closet against the ground plan of the abbey––is now a beautiful public park ornamented by fragmented stone remains. Photos to follow.

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