What Did William The Conqueror Look Like?


What Did William The Conqueror Look Like? We can never know for sure. However, one eminent scholar writing in 1964, David C. Douglas, thought an 18th-century copy of a 16th-century portrait might provide the closest thing to an actual glimpse … Continue reading

The Conqueror and the Comet

The Conqueror and the Comet We know as Halley’s Comet the “long-haired star” that is pictured on the Bayeux Tapestry. Visible over England in the spring of 1066, it was widely regarded as an omen, though whether it was thought … Continue reading

Westminister Spider – Update

According to BuzzFeed, September 24, 2014, if it was ever hard to spot a Segestria florentina spider, it isn’t now: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alanwhite/britain-is-being-invaded-by-green-fanged-spiders-of-death-bu#17uhqsb In Search of Westminster Abbey’s Spider During my visit to the crypt of Westminster Abbey years ago, a nice … Continue reading

Did William The Conqueror Have PTSD?

DID WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR HAVE PTSD? ‘Nobody can understand, ‘cept maybe another ‘Nam vet.’- Vietnam veteran, quoted in Jonathan Shay, Achilles in Vietnam, 1994 If William the Conqueror had PTSD­­­­––post-traumatic stress disorder––and recovered in any measure from it, an important … Continue reading

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